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Two Plane Quick Change Wire Straightener (WS-15)

Two Plane Quick Change Wire Straightener (WS-15)

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This wire straightener is a two-plane, 7 roller per plane design with quick change capability.  It is suitable for mid-size wire and can be easily adjusted for multiple wire sizes.
The approximate range is 10-26 AWG, but actual capability will depend on your wire construction and outside diameter. 

Design and capability details:

  • Entry and exit points include ceramic inserts for safe handling of your cable and durability of the guide. 
  • Two mounting holes are available between the planes if you should choose to base-mount the straightener.
  • The individual planes are Komax compatible and can be mounted on a Komax mount.
  • The straightener was designed for stranded insulated wire but can also be used with softer bare wire on the smaller end of the range.

Dimensions: Overall size is approximately 9" W x 2.5" D x 5.5" H.

Model: WS-15



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