Single Plane Straighteners

Single plane, quick-change straighteners are ideal for system builders and OEMs looking to improve their wire handling capability.

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Direct Mount Models

These straighteners are designed to mount directly to Schleuniger and Komax machines.

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Dual Plane Straighteners

Designed to be mounted to a flat surface, our two plane straighteners are ideal for almost any application.

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Wire Strippers

Robust, reliable, pneumatically driven wire stripping machines are available now. These are imported machines sold, supported, and serviced by J2X Systems.

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Do I need one or two planes on a straightener?

The presence of wire memory in the form of cast (bend) and helix (rise) is simply a byproduct of the manufacturing process. A wire straightener is the solution to minimize downstream assembly and processing challenges presented by wire memory. A single plane will reduce cast OR helix, depending on orientation. A dual plane straighter will reduce both cast AND helix.

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Wire Straightener FAQ

Learn more about our wire straighteners. Check out some of the most common questions and answers our customers have asked.

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Wire Stripper FAQ

Learn more about our wire strippers. See the answers to some of the most common questions customers have asked.

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