Wire Strippers - FAQ

Are other types of blades available for purchase?

Any blades for the Schleuniger 2015 will be compatible. You can find standard vee style replacement blades on our website store, or for speciality blades, three of the major USA-based companies producing various types are Mechtrix, JWB Manufacturing, and Lakes Precision.


Can I send the machine in for calibration or service?

Certainly! Should you prefer to not perform service or calibration on your own, you are welcome to send it in. Please contact us for a quote prior to shipping.

Will this stripper handle my material of x size and y insulation type?

In general, this machine can handle a wide variety of insulation and conductors. A list of materials commonly stripped by this machine is included in the product description. The range is 14 AWG to 32 AWG for the Model 2015 with a max outer diameter of 3.2mm.  If you have additional features which may complicate stripping such as a teflon wrap or shielding, you are welcome to send your material to us for test stripping to confirm the appropriate strip quality can be achieved.


Do you sell spare parts for the machine?

Yes! We stock all common replacement parts and wear parts and can provide a quote upon request. For the most commonly requested parts, please see the spare parts list pdf on the stripper product page. If you require other parts not included on this list, please contact us.