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Single Plane Quick Change Wire Straightener (WS-10-SP)

Single Plane Quick Change Wire Straightener (WS-10-SP)

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This straightener is a single plane, 7 roll design with quick change capability.  It is suitable for round, mid-size wire and can be easily adjusted for multiple wire sizes.
The approximate range is 10-26 AWG, but actual capability will depend on your wire construction and outside diameter. 

Model: WS-10-SP

Technical Specifications:

  • Roll profile: 120° V Groove
  • Number of rolls per plane: 7
  • Number of planes: 1
  • Minimum outer diameter: 1mm (0.039”)
  • Maximum outer diameter:
    • Insulated: 4.5mm (0.177”) OD w/ a max conductor size of 3mm (0.118”).
    • Bare: 3mm (0.118”)

Mounting: Two threaded M5 holes are available for mounting on the rear of the unit.  If your preference is to mount this straightener from the base rather than the rear, an add-on vertical mounting adapter is available for purchase.  Please see the accessories page for the WS-VMNT Mounting Adapter.





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